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Treatment Options for Sports Injuries

Treatment Options for Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can be relatively minor, or they could involve broken bones or worse, if an athlete is involved in a contact sport. Because the intensity of competition strains muscles and ligaments to the utmost, it’s very common for such injuries to occur. In most cases, the minor injuries can be treated right at home, by applying heat or cold, compression, taking pain medications, and getting plenty of rest to recover. However, sometimes injuries can be much more serious, and that calls for other measures to be taken. If you happen to live anywhere near Colorado Springs & Monument, you can avail yourself of the care options made available by the Flying Horse Medical Center. The center is not only the best mental health provider in Colorado Springs, but treatments are available for all ages, families, women, and men.

Most common sports injuries

Some of the most commonly occurring sports injuries include the following:

  • sprains – sprains occur when ligaments get stretched too much or tear. They occur mostly in the area of the ankles, knees, and wrists, and they can be either severe or relatively mild.
  • strains – these occur when muscles get over-extended, so that they stretch or tear. Strains happen most often in the area of the back, the hamstrings, and the abdomen.
  • torn cartilage – the knees and shoulders are the most frequent sites for torn cartilage, which is the sponge-like buffer between bones and joints.
  • broken bones – these occur when a powerful force or impact gets suddenly applied to bones, often resulting in a very painful situation, and a long recovery time
  • dislocations – sometimes, bones will be popped out of their sockets due to a force that gets applied unexpectedly. This often happens in the shoulder area, and once the shoulder gets popped back into place, some healing time will be necessary.
  • tendinitis – when the tissue connecting muscles to bones becomes inflamed, tendinitis occurs. This generally happens as a result of a motion that gets repeated frequently, for instance in the area around the knees.
  • concussions – these are injuries to the brain, caused by some kind of blow to the head. Even with the best protective headgear, sometimes the violence of a concussion can cause serious brain damage.

Treatments for sports injuries

Depending on the specific type of sports injury, treatments can vary widely, and can be of either short or long duration. In many cases, at-home treatments like those mentioned above are all that’s needed to overcome the injury. When the injury is more serious, here are some of the most common approaches to treatment:

  • anti-inflammatory medications – these are generally medications prescribed by your family doctor to reduce swelling and discomfort
  • injections – sometimes it becomes necessary to inject a pain-killer at the site of the injury
  • surgeries – it may be necessary to perform an operation to repair bone breaks or fractures, or to repair torn cartilage or tendons
  • physical therapy – when physical therapy is conducted by a licensed professional, it can do wonders to heal and repair body parts that have been injured
  • immobilization – to help heal broken bones, it is often necessary to immobilize them in splints, casts, or walking boots.

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