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Your Mental Health Matters.

At Flying Horse Medical Center, we have two psychiatrists and one mental health nurse practitioner. We strive to provide exceptional care in a reasonable timeframe. Take control of your mental health.

What is Psychiatry?

At Flying Horse Medical Center we are excited to provide our patients with a team of Mental Health Professionals. Our psychiatrists help patients struggling with severe depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, addiction, anxiety disorders, ADD/ADHD, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and more. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in diagnosing, treating and managing mental health disorders.

Each patients’ needs are different and our team of Mental Health Professionals are here to help you navigate through your challenges using various treatments and therapies. We know getting started can feel overwhelming. We want you to know, you are safe at Flying Horse Medical Center.

Insurance accepted for Psychiatric Services

Meet Your Mental Health Professionals

Dr Erin Fry

Erin Fry, D.O.

Board Certified Psychiatrist
Neil Wilkey, M.D,Board Certified Psychiatrist

Neil Wilkey, M.D

Board Certified Psychiatrist
NP Lori Truetzschler Davis

Lori Truetzschler Davis, PMHNP, FNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Emily Phipps

Emily Phipps

Psychiatry Coordinator