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Hand Lift | Fat Transfer to the Hands

Hand Lift Surgery (also known as Hand Rejuvenation or Fat Transfer to the Hands) uses purified processed fat from your body to contour and smooth the back of your aging hands. Dr. Millicent Geers harvests your fat cells with liposuction from an area of your choosing. These harvested fat cells can be removed from the abdomen, thighs, or love handles using a small cannula. A special surgical instrument called an injection cannula is then used to inject the fat into the back of your hands via tiny 1-2 millimeter incisions. Dr. Geers performs Hand Lift Surgery with her renowned Awake Plastic Surgery technique.

Why Choose To Transfer Fat To Your Hands?

There can be a variety of reasons that make you consider having Hand Lift Surgery to restore the youthfulness they once had.

  • Prominent Age Spots
  • Visible wrinkles and thinning skin
  • Protruding veins and tendons due to volume loss
  • Wanting to improve skin tone and texture
Fat Transfer to the Hands- Plastic Surgery Flying Horse Medical Center
Fat Transfer to the Hands - Plastic Surgery

What Are The Benefits Of Hand Lift Surgery?

There are many benefits to having a fat transfer to your hands that help create and preserve a more youthful look for years to come. Some of those benefits include:

  • Your results can last for years.
  • Noticeable reduction of wrinkles, creases, and folds that appear on the hands that can create an older appearance that is undesirable to most patients.
  • Creates a soft and supple appearance to the hands.
  • Fat transfers create a more natural presentation compared to fillers that can metabolize over time.
  • Helps restore the natural loss of fat and collagen as we age.

Procedure Recovery

After your fat transfer to the hands is complete, you may experience redness, discomfort, and bruising at the site the fat was collected from as well as at the injection site on the hands. Your hands will appear puffy and swollen at first but this will dissipate over your recovery period. Ice packs or a cold compress are not recommended to avoid harming the newly transplanted fat. No pressure is to be applied to the back of your hands for at least six weeks to avoid harming the fat.

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