7 Incredible Benefits of Concierge Medicine

7 Incredible Benefits of Concierge Medicine

7 Incredible Benefits of Concierge Medicine

Are you tired of making appointments to see a medical doctor? Well, it is frustrating but might have just the solution you need. Concierge Medicine is also known as Direct Pay. It is a program that allows you to access medical services more frequently and in an affordable way.

On average, Americans wait for at least 24 days before seeing a medical doctor. Also, on the day they see the doctor, they have to wait for another 18 minutes. This situation is frustrating, especially for patients with chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

In the past 5 years, the situation has become unbearable. The number of Americans that are forced to wait for long appointments to see a medical doctor has increased by 30%.

So, what are the medical benefits that come with Concierge medicine? Here are some of the concierge medical benefits that you should know.

What is Concierge Medicine?

Before we dive into the benefits of Concierge Medicine, let us first explore what it is. Concierge medicine is a medical program that offers personalized medical services to clients. In turn, the clients are required to pay a small amount of money to cover for the medical services.

The program offers benefits such as no waiting time to see a doctor. As such,  you are allocated a day and time when the physician will visit you. In this regard, this offers around the clock access to the doctor either through telephone or email.

It is, however, important to note that concierge medicine does not replace your normal insurance cover. You will still be required to pay for the medical coverage premiums you would normally do. Nonetheless, some concierge medicine programs include insurance in their schemes.

Furthermore, concierge medicine may not provide you with all the necessary medical services that you may need. It only covers the few basic medical requirements that may be important for your day-to-day care. You will, nonetheless, still need your medical insurance to cover for specialized medical care.

Personalize Your Care: 7 Incredible Benefits of Concierge Medicine

Now that we know what Concierge medicine is let us look at some of the primary medical benefits of concierge care.

1. Broad Range of Primary Care Service

One of the most outstanding benefits of Concierge medicine is that you will have the privilege of accessing virtually all the primary care services that you need under a single basket.

Some of the primary services that you can access from the program include diagnostics tests, wellness visits, and prevention screening. You can also access minor medical services such as rash treatment and stitching conveniently under concierge medicine.

For this reason, the program has been gaining traction in recent years. Currently, there are 900 concierge services running concurrently in the United States.

2. Reduced Expenditure

Since concierge medicine offers a broad range of services, it is more likely that you would find the services extremely important to you. More so, the price you pay for the service is much lower than what you would have spent on the regular medical cover.

Roughly, 19 percent of Americans have copays and coinsurance.  These policies make them spend more than $25 in a span of three months. Moreover, nearly 81% of employees in the country have deductibles that average at $1500 before paying the insurance premiums. This indicates the high costs associated with regular medical insurance schemes.

3. Close Monitoring

Concierge medicine can be highly effective for patients who need close monitoring. Patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease find this program highly effective and convenient.

With concierge medicine, you have easier access to your medical doctor. You can simply call him or her through the phone, or you can send an email when you need medical attention. In turn, they will respond as soon as possible.

4. Increased Visit Time

Accessing doctors is not the only problem that patients face in their pursuit to access quality medical services. The time spent with their doctors is also of equal importance.

Patients spend roughly 15 minutes per visit with their doctors. This time is not enough to access quality medical services.

With Concierge medicine, however, you can spend an average of 35 minutes with your doctors. As a result,  you have plenty of time to discuss your health status with your doctor.

5. Doctor Gets to Know More About You

The primary reason as to why concierge medicine has gained popularity to both healthy people and those with chronic conditions is the benefit of having a close relationship with medical experts.

Through concierge medicine, your doctor has adequate time to review your medical history. Hence, your doctor gains profound knowledge of your current health condition. Consequently, you can expect better care!

6. Improves Healthcare Outcomes and Satisfaction

The personalized medical care that Concierge medicine offers has the potential of improving health care outcomes. Your doctor gives you more attention and has more time to focus on providing the best possible medical services on a one-on-one basis.

Giving attention to minor healthcare problems also maximizes the medical benefits that you can get from concierge medicine, which contribute to your overall wellness.

7. Expert Research

Your doctor conducts health research on your behalf once you enroll for Concierge medicine. This implies that you will have the opportunity to try out new drugs from all over the world in case you develop a complex health condition.

Personalized Care

Concierge medicine has numerous medical benefits as listed above. However, if you are considering the option, just remember that you might still need the regular medical cover.

Most importantly, you get to enjoy personalized medical care. Your doctor is only a call away, and s/he will see from the comfort of your home.

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