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Legging Legs

Well, here we go again. What is old, is new. Yesterday’s “thigh gap,” is today’s “legging legs.” Legging Legs is a term used to describe the apparent “perfect” shaped legs for wearing leggings. This “perfect” shape entails two criteria: 

  1. Toned legs
  2. A “thigh gap” 

A thigh gap refers to a space or gap between the inner thighs when a person stands with his or her feet together. It has become a beauty trend and a sign of attractiveness in recent years among some women. Some women strive to achieve a thigh gap through dieting, exercise, or plastic surgery. It is important to note that the primary determining factor for a thigh gap is the natural width of your hips and how your femurs (thigh bones) insert into your hips (see illustration). Neither exercise nor Liposuction  will give you a thigh gap if you don’t have a wide angle (illustrated by wider green lines). This is the reason you can see two people of the same height and weight, but one person has thighs that touch, and the other person has a significant space between the thighs. Thigh liposuction performed on these two people will render very different results. 

Therefore, if you’re considering Liposuction of your thighs to achieve “legging legs,” your goal should be to seek an enhanced version of your physique and not to emulate another person’s physique. 

With decades of experience and accolades, Monument and Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Millicent Geers, is a female board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Harvard Cum Laude graduate, and Duke Medical School graduate. Dr. Geers’ specialized Plastic Surgery residency training at Northwestern University, additional specialized Aesthetic Surgery training in the Beverly Hills and Hollywood areas, and multiple publications make her a respected and globally-recognized authority in Liposuction and Body Contouring. She has performed thousands of liposuction procedures with exceptional results.

– Dr. Millicent Geers

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