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Can Fat Be Transferred From One Person To Another?

Fat Transfer -Flying Horse Medical Center Blog

Can Fat Be Transferred From One Person To Another?

Fat Transfer -Flying Horse Medical Center Blog

Millicent Odunze Geers, MD, MPH

Can You Transfer Your Fat From Part of Your Body To Another?

Body fat can be transferred from one part of your body to another part of your body for many reasons. For example, fat can be taken from your belly and then transferred to enhance the contour of your buttocks for a Colorado Springs Brazilian Butt Lift or your breasts for Natural Breast Augmentation. Or this fat can be injected into the back of your hands to smoothen wrinkles and cover up veins. Or this fat can be used to replace the fat in your face that has been lost with aging. But can fat be transferred from one person to another?  Keep reading to find out.

Can You Transfer Your Fat From One Person To Another?

Is it possible to transfer fat between people?

People often believe the misconception that fat can be transferred from one person to another in the same way an organ is transplanted from one person to another. Unfortunately, even if you are related to a person and share some DNA, your body will not recognize their fat as your own. Your body’s natural defense mechanism will reject this fat as a foreign object. The fat cells will die and you’ll become sick.

The one exception to this rule is—can you guess?—monozygotic (identical) twins. Because identical twins share the exact same DNA (matched in all loci studied in genetic testing), they won’t reject each others fat! Fat transfer between twins has been documented in the medical literature.

Technically speaking, fat transfer between non-identical people could be performed, BUT rejection of the donor fat by the recipient would be a problem. The only way around this would be for the recipient to take immunosuppression medications. These medications decrease the immune response to prevent rejection of the new material from another human being. However, immunosuppressants come with serious side effects and increase the potential for all types of cancers. In other words, NOT WORTH THE RISK. For practical purposes, it’s not possible to transfer fat between non-identical people.

Recycle Your Fat!

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