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Back Tuck | Back Lift | Upper Body Lift

Losing weight can be thrilling, especially when you meet your body goals. However, for some women, weight loss can leave them with loose, sagging skin. One of the areas that can accumulate loose skin and bulges from weight loss is the upper back, above and/or below the bra line. If bra bulge from extra skin is an issue you are currently struggling with, Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Millicent Geers, can help you correct the problem by removing and tightening the excess hanging skin. This procedure is known as a Back Tuck, Back Lift, or an Upper Body Lift.

Back Tuck - Plastic Surgery

What Exactly Is A Back Lift?

Back Lift gives you the opportunity to lose multiple inches of unwanted stubborn skin rolls that will not go away with exercise. Instead of rolls, you will have a sleek and toned back. A Back Lift also helps smooth extra skin in the area of your love handles. A Back Tuck can be done in combination with Liposuction for those of you with extra back fat in addition to the loose skin.

Back Lift Surgery can be done while you are awake using local anesthesia. This is known as Awake Plastic Surgery. Dr. Geers is one of the few Plastic Surgeons in Colorado Springs who specializes in Awake Plastic Surgery. However, if you prefer, Dr. Geers can perform your Back Tuck under general anesthesia.


Who Is The Ideal Candidate For A Back Tuck?

The ideal candidate for a Back Tuck will have the following qualifications:

  • Excess amount of skin around the upper or lower area of the bra line.
  • Reached a healthy, stable weight for their body frame.
  • Desires a long-term and natural looking result.
  • Understands this is a not a weight loss surgery but a skin removal surgery.

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