Cost Savings

Lower Insurance Premiums + Concierge Medicine


Happy Employer, Satisfied Employees

No Co-Pay, No Deductible, No Per Visit Cost

Predictable, Fixed-cost membership

More Present Employees

24/7 Provider Access

Same day visits for acute/urgent issues

No wasted time in the waiting rooms

Healthier Employees = Happier Employees!

Comprehensive Preventative Healthcare

Continuity of Healthcare

More Productive Employees

Employer’s Struggles with Solutions

``How can we control our healthcare cost that is spiraling out of control?``

FMHC: We recommend a less expensive high co-pay, high deductible healthcare plan with lower premiums for you and your employees complemented with cost savings concierge medicine. You may also want to get a healthcare plan that is Health Savings Account (HSA) compliment to take advantage of pre-tax dollar savings.

``As I look into the future, what can we do this year to help lower next year's healthcare premiums?``

FHMC:  One critical factor in establishing small business healthcare premium rates are previous year healthcare claims.  FHMC can drastically reduce your healthcare claims in deliberate ways.  First, our concierge medicine model doesn’t “ping” the insurance companies with claims for co-pays, visits, or deductibles.  Secondly, we have complementary preventative healthcare programs resulting in healthier, happier, and more productive patients/employees.  Health insurance companies are motivated to work with concierge medicine practices to lower their claim processing overhead and to motivate healthier clients.

“Healthcare is a key concern for current and potential employees. How can I entice the best employees while keeping my overhead cost low?”

FHMC:  Employees are the most important asset you have, and normally your greatest financial and time investment.  Larger companies are required to cost-share healthcare with their employees, while smaller companies have the pressure to offset healthcare costs as a benefit to keep the best employees. The relativity small cost of concierge medicine as a benefit can go a long way toward securing a new employee and to maintain your best talent.  Whether your employees are insured or not, you can provide access to a dedicated healthcare provider resulting in healthier and more productive employees.

Does Concierge Medicine comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

FHMC:  Concierge Medicine does not replace catastrophic healthcare insurance – it complements healthcare insurance!  However, our Concierge Medicine is designed to counter the negative impacts from the ACA (ObamaCare) such as increased healthcare cost, losing your preferred provider, inability to access healthcare in a timely manner, extended waiting times, and decreased visit times.  We can see patients the same day, our minimum visit is 30 minutes, and we strive for zero wait times – all with realized savings.

“How can Flying Horse Medical Center help with more productive employees while increasing Presenteeism?”

FHMC:  We pride ourselves on offering same day 30-minute appointments with no waiting times resulting in minimum time away from work while receiving comprehensive primary and urgent care.  We can also offer tele-medicine for appropriate issues such as prescription refills or follow-up appointments.  These simple benefits can dramatically decrease time away from work, decrease the spread of seasonal illnesses, and lower stress resulting from unresolved healthcare concerns.  We prefer to treat the entire family and remove the stress from worrying about an ill family member.

“What is the bottom line for my business and our valued employees?”

FHMC:  Businesses can realize tangible savings with reduced healthcare premiums, lowered cost sharing, and increased employee productivity.  Employees can save money with no co-pays or deductibles recovering their annual investment with between one and six visits a year.  We expect total savings with Concierge Medicine; however, the real value is with healthier and more productive ROI from your most important asset – your employees!

“What medical services does Flying Horse Medical Center provide that a traditional primary care provider doesn’t provide?”

FHMC:  Working outside of the traditional ObamaCare model affords Dr. Aaron Fraser, D.O. and Whitney Snow PA-C more time and flexibility in treating our member patients.  We pride ourselves on identifying and treating many chronic disease processes – especially cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death.  We can “leverage” your insurance to make a ~$5,000 lab test cost the patient ~$100 dollars out of pocket and still enjoy comprehensive doctor visits at no charge.  Traditional providers are very reluctant to perform these tests due to low insurance reimbursement to the provider, extensive training, and the need for extended patients visits.  Our Cardiovascular disease appointments are one-hour with the provider.  We also have minimum 30-minute visits that run on time, versus ObamaCare visits average seven minutes, and are normally over booked.  This allows us to often treat more than one concern and spend the needed time to actually get to know the patient and fully understand all of their healthcare concerns.  Maybe the best benefit of Concierge Medicine is “continuity of care” by fostering a long-term relationship with your provider.  Both Dr. Fraser and PA Snow own the practice so they are not going anywhere soon.  We started Flying Horse Medical Center in 2013 so we could spend time with our patients – we thrive on getting to know them.

We’re Raising the Standard in Healthcare and Aesthetic Services
We strive to provide the best possible Healthcare services through Concierge Membership. Our world-class Aesthetic services allow us to be focused on totalistic healthcare and wellness.