FHMC Concierge Medicine Services

What is Concierge Medicine?

A Growing Trend to Improve Healthcare


24/7 Provider Access (In-Person/Text/Video)


No Pre-Approvals Required


No Waiting – We Offer Same Day Care


Women’s & Men’s Healthcare

Personal Provider / Patient Relationship


No Per-Visit Cost – No Deductibles


No Co-pays or Surprise Bills


No Insurance Required


Serving All Ages – Pediatrics to Senior Care

Overview of Concierge Primary Care

Concierge Medicine (also called Direct Pay) is a personal relationship patients enter with their physician to vastly improve access while saving time and money.  Patient’s enjoy same-day visits for acute issues.  We do this by lowering our patients from 3,000 per provider necessary under typical insurance models, to 300 per provider with Concierge Medicine.  Our appointments are a minimum of 30-minutes long so you can discuss multiple healthcare concerns during your visit.  You can also contact your provider after hours if needed!  It is our goal to take care of your family’s medical needs, and not be restricted by needless insurance healthcare requirements.  We save money by eliminating unnecessary (and costly) insurance paperwork and oversight.


Typically, Concierge Medicine doctors make their patients sign a one-year contract averaging between $1,500 and $15,000 a year per person.  Our unique Concierge Medicine (Direct Pay) model has no long-term commitment, you simply give a 30-day notice to stop your membership, and our monthly cost for patients start at $79 a month.


We ensure all our patients receive vastly superior access to their doctor, and a clear majority of our patients save money on their total healthcare cost due to enjoying NO co-pays, NO deductibles, NO pre-approvals, NO waiting, and NO per-visit cost.  Would you enjoy the opportunity to take your loved one to see their doctor when they need to be seen, without worrying about cost or having to sit in a dirty waiting room?  You can!


We’re sure you have lots of questions.  Please give us a call and we can discuss your specific situation.  Our number is 719-633-5255 to set up an appointment or to get your questions answered.

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We’re Raising the Standard in Healthcare and Aesthetic Services
We strive to provide the best possible healthcare services through Concierge Membership. our world-class Aesthetics allow us to be focused on totalistic healthcare and wellness.