Plastic Surgery: You get what you pay for.

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At factory-like, revolving door, turnstile-type Plastic Surgery offices where you are treated as a number and not a person, often Non-Physician “Surgeon Substitutes” perform part of your surgery to help maximize profits. In these scenarios, the Plastic Surgeon performs some aspects of your procedure and then moves on to the next surgical patient before your procedure is completed. A Non-Physician “Surgeon Substitute” is then left to finish up your case. Using this tactic, the Plastic Surgeon can stuff in more surgeries during the day, sacrificing quality for quantity.

What could possibly go wrong?

Maiming, botching, and death. These factory-like, revolving door, turnstile-type plastic surgery offices can offer you bargain-basement pricing because, just like with diamonds, designer clothing, and designer purses, counterfeits (unqualified Surgeon Substitutes) are cheaper than the real deal.

This lackadaisical approach to patient care and patient safety often starts at the consultation, where the Plastic Surgeon is substituted with a non-medical employee who evaluates your body, makes a diagnosis, and then creates the surgical plan. Sometimes you won’t even meet the Surgeon or know which Surgeon will be performing your surgery until the day of your surgery. How does this make sense?

If you want to save money, do so when deciding between household cleaning items or workout attire, but not when it comes to your one and only body. Skill, experience, and a track record of satisfied patients are more important than a low price. Before you consent to surgery, ask your Surgeon if s/he will have any assistants, and if so, what exactly are their qualifications and which portion of your procedure are they performing. You only get one body. Protect it.

Remember, ain’t nothing like the real thing.

Carry on smartly.

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