Can I use another person’s fat for my Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Dr. Millicent Geers

So you want a bigger butt, but you don’t have enough fat. You wonder, “Should I gain weight?” You could, but then you’d also be bigger in all the places you probably don’t want to be bigger. And yes, liposuction can be used to treat some of those now fattier areas, but not all of them. Also, weight gain can tax your body and leave you unhealthy.

Okay, on to plan B

“I know,” you think. “I’ll use a fat donor. People donate organs all the time, why not fat?” Not so fast. Your fat — just like your liver, heart, lungs, or kidneys – has special genetic markers that identify the fat as yours. For organ donation, a “match” is made when two people have compatible genetic markers. If these markers are not compatible, the person receiving the organ (or in this case fat) will reject the donated organ (fat) and become very sick and/or die. Sometimes, even when markers match, a recipient rejects the donated organ. To reduce this risk of rejection, organ recipients are prescribed medications to reduce the risk of rejecting the donated organ for as long as they have the organ. This could be for the rest of the recipient’s life. And these medications are not like taking a multivitamin. They can wreak havoc on the body — hair loss, weight gain, infection, enlarged gums, acne, mood swings, puffy face, weakened bones, and skin cancer are just some of the side effects of these medications. For a completely elective, cosmetic procedure – where the decision to have or not have the procedure is not a choice between life and death — the potential negatives are not worth transferring fat from one person to another for a BBL surgery.

In summary, you cannot use another person’s fat for your BBL surgery…

unless, that person is your identical twin! But don’t be discouraged if you’re on the smaller side and want more ample buttocks. You may be surprised at how much can be done using the fat you have. After all, a Brazilian Butt Lift is not only about what fat is added but also about what fat is strategically removed from other areas of your body. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Millicent Geers is highly experienced in creating beautiful buttock contours for women of all shapes and sizes.

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