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Natural Breast Augmentation in Colorado Springs

Breast Augmentation-Plastic Surgery Flying Horse Medical Center

Natural Breast Augmentation in Colorado Springs is known by many names–Natural Breast Enhancement, Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, Fat Transfer to the Breasts, Breast Augmentation with Fat, or No Implant Breast Augmentation. Dr. Millicent Geers, is one of the few Plastic Surgeons in the area who performs Natural Breast Augmentation in Colorado Springs. So what exactly makes a breast augmentation “natural”?

First, let’s distinguish between a “natural-looking” breast augmentation and “natural” breast augmentation. Both Breast Augmentation with Implants and Breast Augmentation using your own fat can be “natural-looking.” You can see examples of Dr. Geers’ natural-looking breast augmentation results here. Natural Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that does not use breast implants to enhance breast size. Instead, it uses fat that is liposuctioned from other areas of your body which is then injected into the breast (through tiny incisions) to increase volume and fullness. Dr. Geers is highly skilled in both liposuction and No Implant Breast Augmentation.

Why would some women elect to have No Implant Breast Augmentation as opposed to Breast Augmentation with Implants? Breast implants are associated with certain complications and risks, like rupture or capsular contracture. For some women with implants, Breast Implant Illness (BII) may become an issue. And yet for other women, they don’t like the idea of having foreign objects or unnatural substances in their body. This is why many women are opting for No Implant Breast Augmentation using their own fat instead of implants.

It is important to note there are limitations to Natural Breast Enhancement. Using your own fat for breast augmentation does not produce the same results as breast implants. The injected fat settles into the breast tissue naturally and will not create a perfectly round shape. The overall natural shape of your breast remains essentially the same, just fuller. Additionally, Natural Breast Augmentation usually adds only about one cup size, though there are exceptions. Dr. Geers has achieved two-cup size increases for her patients from Natural Breast Augmentation.

Natural Breast Augmentation can be performed safely while you’re awake and comfortable under local anesthesia. Awake Natural Breast Augmentation allows you to shift positions during treatment to ensure balanced results and you also avoid the risks and recovery associated with general anesthesia. However, if you prefer, Dr. Geers can also perform your Natural Breast Enhancement under general anesthesia. Dr. Geers specializes in Plastic Surgery procedures for women hoping to address cosmetic concerns that can happen as a result of weight fluctuations or pregnancy, including Natural Breast Augmentation and Liposuction.

If you decide that No Implant Breast Augmentation in Colorado Springs is the best breast enlargement path for you, call Flying Horse Medical Center at 719-633-5255 to schedule a no pressure Plastic Surgery consultation with Colorado Springs female Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Millicent Geers. Dr. Geers had helped countless people achieve the safe, natural, successful results they desire. 100% silicone scar gel, a compression garment, a surgical bra, healing supplements, and all postoperative appointments are all included with your Natural Breast Enhancement surgery. Additionally, Dr. Geers and her team provide written, detailed before and after surgery instructions to help you best prepare for your surgery and to best take care of your treated areas after surgery. Dr. Geers’ patients receive her undivided attention with personalized care from start to finish. She enjoys educating patients about plastics surgery so that they can make a truly informed decision about how to proceed. Contact Flying Horse Medical Center today for top-rated Breast Augmentation in Colorado Springs. The best breast enhancement results in Colorado Springs are just a phone call away!

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