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Awake Liposuction in Colorado Springs

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Millicent Odunze Geers, MD, MPH

If you are considering having Liposuction in Colorado Springs or Liposuction in Monument, Colorado to achieve your body contouring goals, you have probably heard of the term “Awake Liposuction.” Awake Liposuction in Colorado Springs is an excellent alternative for people for whom the thought of being “put under” for a surgical procedure is anxiety-inducing. Even if the thought of general anesthesia does not induce anxiety, there are many advantages to having your liposuction completed with local anesthesia versus general anesthesia. You can read more about those advantages here.

That said, there are some naysayers when it comes to the Awake Liposuction procedure. Why? Most of the opposition to Awake Liposuction boils down to who, specifically the type of doctor, is performing your Awake Liposuction procedure. The majority of issues and complications that plague Awake Liposuction are due to the fact that non-Plastic Surgeons (Obstetricians, Gynecologists, Family Medicine Physicians, Emergency Room Physicians, Radiologists, and other non-Plastic Surgeons) are performing the procedure, and are not due to the fact that the Liposuction is being done while you are awake. Let’s dig deeper.

Choose a Plastic Surgeon over a Cosmetic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeons are the only type of surgeons allowed to perform cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in hospitals or certified surgery centers, unfortunately, they are not the only type of surgeons allowed to perform liposuction (or breast augmentation, or other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures)!

Plastic Surgeons

Bona fide Plastic Surgeons have trained for a minimum of five years to become a Plastic Surgeon. Colorado Springs Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Millicent Geers, completed a 7-year Plastic Surgery Residency and then elected to augment her reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery training with a purely cosmetic surgery-focused yearlong Advanced Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Fellowship in Beverly Hills, CA. Plastic Surgeons are the only type of surgeons allowed to perform all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in hospitals or certified surgery centers. Let’s repeat — Plastic Surgeons are the only type of surgeons allowed to perform all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in hospitals or certified surgery centers. This means that Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Geers can perform your liposuction procedure at a hospital or at an accredited surgery center if you prefer general anesthesia or at her office-based surgery room at Flying Horse Medical Center if you prefer Awake Liposuction. Both options are safe and will provide you with successful results. With Dr. Geers, the location of your liposuction procedure depends on your preference and your disposition toward being awake during surgery.

Cosmetic Surgeons

Obstetricians, Gynecologists, Family Medicine Physicians, Emergency Room Physicians, Radiologists, and other non-Plastic Surgeons are allowed to perform liposuction. How? These physicians pay for a weekend-course in liposuction (or breast augmentation, etc.), label themselves “Cosmetic Surgeons,” and then start performing cosmetic procedures without the training of what do when complications arise or the experience of performing hundreds of liposuction procedures supervised before going out and performing liposuction solo.  Liposuction is not simply sucking out fat. There are nuances. A weekend-course is no substitute for years of surgical training in not only what to do and but also (and perhaps more importantly) what not to do. And because non-Plastic Surgeons cannot get privileges or credentials to perform Plastic Surgery procedures in a hospital or a certified surgery center, they have no choice but to perform cosmetic procedures in their office—awake. And this is how Awake Liposuction gets a bad rep—when it is assumed that those offering Awake Liposuction are non-Plastic Surgeons since non-Plastic Surgeons can not offer you Liposuction at a hospital or surgery center. 

Awake Plastic Surgery Specialist – Dr. Millicent Geers

There are a select number of fully-trained, highly-experienced Plastic Surgeons, like Dr. Geers, who specialize in Awake Surgery, including Awake Liposuction. Why wouldn’t all Plastic Surgeons want to perform Awake Liposuction? Some don’t like talking to patients during surgery. Some think an awake patient is distracting. But most frequently, many more simply weren’t trained in how to perform awake Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, and therefore they don’t offer that alternative to their patients. Dr. Geers was trained in Awake Surgery. Dr. Geers offers Awake Liposuction to ensure that her patients have options when it comes to they type of anesthesia they want with liposuction. In fact, the majority of Dr. Geers’ procedures are carried out with her “awake technique,” allowing you to avoid the risks of general anesthesia. 

Schedule your Consultation

If you are interested in having a fat-reduction operation that does not involve the risks of general anesthesia, Awake Liposuction with Dr. Geers may be the perfect choice for you. Call Flying Horse Medical Center at 719-633-5255 to schedule a no pressure Plastic Surgery consultation with Colorado Springs female Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Millicent Geers. Dr. Geers enjoys educating patients about Plastic Surgery so that they can make a truly informed decision about how to proceed. Dr. Geers had helped countless people achieve the safe, natural, successful results they desire. 100% silicone scar gel, compression garments, healing supplements, and all postoperative appointments are all included with your liposuction surgery.  Additionally, Dr. Geers and her team provide written, detailed before and after surgery instructions to help you best prepare for your surgery and to best take care of your treated areas after surgery. Dr. Geers’ patients receive her undivided attention with personalized care from start to finish. Contact Flying Horse Medical Center today for top-rated Liposuction in Colorado Springs and Monument, CO. The best liposuction results in Colorado Springs and Monument, CO are just a phone call away!

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